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Poster: postunder Date: Oct 31, 2007 7:13am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Elmooht - Elmooht Triplag Trilogy Mix Sessions

Elmooht - Elmooht Triplag Trilogy Mix Sessions

Artist: VA (Mixed by Elmooht)
Title: Elmooht Triplag Trilogy Mix Sessions
Genre: Electronic
Date: October 2007
Format: 320kbps mp3
Length: 2:38:30

these mix sessions were specially recorded for the launching of triplag's ambient and chill stream. the mix sessions are mixed by elmooht (aka faxi nadu), and feature a lot of sounds from the elmooht project, as well as many other postunder records artists such as black mizi pro duck sun, oxygenfad, vesica piscis, 3x!13 and many more. almost every track is available for free download via postunder.

- the first part is dark, vague and experimental, presenting drones and scapes music.
- the second part gets a bit of a beat going with wierd idm, ambient and more experimental sounds.
- the third part is the most freely mixed and includes ambient, drones, idm, drumnbass and breaks.

part 1 time: 53:24
part 1 tracklist:

elmooht - oracles in abstract
elmooht - crows of the trade part 1
elmooht - end in the fjord
elmooht - crowd of the trade part 2
vesica piscis - cathedral (elmooht remix)
faxi nadu - star one (elmooht remix)
elmooht - snap out of it
elmooht - animal
elmooht - time index
vesica piscis - living crystal (elmooht remix)
elmooht - the river kingdom
vesica piscis - southwest revisionary (elmooht remix)
timothyp - blackhole transmission
elmooht - boll weevil
elmooht - flashback
timothyp - space transmission
elmooht - bunker child
oxygenfad - lost and wondering around
oxygenfad - the sun is going to burn us up
oxygenfad - bong water
fhcom - fire scroll
stelkens observatory - module a (small piece)
fhcom - water scroll
amd - live in walburg (small piece)
elmooht - sortie
vesica piscis feat. elmooht - live from the iss (smal piece)
elmooht - sway
oxygenfad - bugie del unchaste
elmooht - the ocean
stelkens observatory - module b (small piece)
elmooht - hive mind
elmooht - lab animals
elmooht - disaster
elmooht - rune

part 2 time: 49:21
part 2 tracklist:

faxi nadu - second in command (elmooht remix)
spheric lounge feat. elmooht - binard cells
black mizi pro duck sun - mook
black mizi pro duck sun and elmooht - fs famous woman artist
isnie - dsa
elmooht - orbital platform
black mizi pro duck sun - trance rotation
psy sci - deo
elmooht - shiprwreck grid 16
oxygenfad - sere um cerebrum
black mizi pro duck sun and elmooht - eq
black mizi pro duck sun - binah
black mizi pro duck sun and elmooht - artograph
black mizi pro duck sun - sun lug

part 3 time: 55:45
part 3 tracklist:

elmooht - rig
handsome sultan - hidden treasure
isnie - high hopes
elmooht and dudi - binary pulsars (live improv)
elmooht - hiding
black mizi pro duck sun and elmooht - dns
oxygenfad - numbers
3x!13 - escape
3x!13 - stonehedge sunrise
synaecide - disappearing act
oxygenfad - burger time
phylum sinter - ten pounds at an angle
elmooht - derick
electrip - irrationalanthem
3x!13 - retribution
sickmoth - milkpunked
faxi nadu - star one (sickmoth remix)
spka - vertex